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Fortary Industry Trading Co Ltd which is the Hometown of Chinese Hardware Manufacturing daily using Kitchen and BBQ tools is our core business more than 8 years Our products line covers Can openers Food tongs Kitchen Utensils BBQ tools and Kitchen scissors We have got BSCI certification and established good markets in EU US markets Supplying OEM service for Global brands such as Walmart 99 Cents lifetime Target brand ALDI and so on We have capability to offer services to international supermarkets and brands which in line with LFGB and FDA standards Provide international certifications authorized by CE ROHS of EU LFGB GS EMC of Germany FDA UL CSA ETL of America and Canada Keeping mastering...

Categories and Products

Manual Openers

Can Opener

Strong rubber non slip handle manual can opener Soft Grips Handle Rubber manual Can Opener Panda colors Big knob can opener with magnet Best selling classic handle can opener Wholesale durable stainless steel crown can opener White Light plastic handle Bottle Can opener Professional heavy Stainless Steel handle can opener New colorful handle manual tin opener Colorful plastic handle tin opener Eco-friendly lightweight plastic black bottle can opener Pretty Drape Wooden color Handle Can opener New design Big head colorful can opener New Soft TPR Handle Safe Can Opener New shape Stainless Steel Tin Opener manual Camping use lightweight disposable butterfly easy can opener Ergonomic design Rubber handle tin Opener Ergonomic design plastic color handle tin opener Full stainless steel head wooden handle can opener New Big knob strong handle can opener Non slip heavy duty can opener manual 

Bottle Opener

Multipurpose Multifunctional bottle opener Multifunctional party red wine wooden bottle opener OEM customized simple Stainless steel beer opener OEM shape customize unique Beer bottle opener 2018 colorful stainless steel red wine opener 

Jar Opener

Colorful 4 in 1 Cap rubber jar opener Multi bottle opener jar opener opening tools 

Food Tongs

Silicone Tong

7 inch Stainless steel handles silicone tongs Rubber grip handle silicone serving salad kitchen tongs New 2in1 clever Silicone smart kitchen food tong Circle head kitchen silicone tong Christmas theme gift heart shape silicone kitchen tong Christmas gift new Cake shape Silicone food tong Christmas gift snow shape silicone food tongs Christmas promotion gift tree silicone kitchen tongs 7 inch stainless steel Nylon flatware pastry tongs 

Nylon Tong

Dishwasher wash plastic Nylon toast salad kitchen tongs Mini Nylon pasta serving kitchen food tong Funny design Christmas tree snow shape Nylon tongs 3 sizes light Nylon steak food tong Pasta Bread Nylon kitchen tong Colorful small stainless steel Nylon food tong Snowman head Nylon Christmas tong Red Snowflake shape Christmas Nylon kitchen tong Christmas tree Nylon food tongs Different heads Nylon Combined food tong Cheap light weight small stainless steel nylon tong Strong mirror light Nylon stainless steel food tong 

Stainless Steel Tong

Cheap price stainless steel kitchen food tongs Stainless steel BBQ frying Grilling tools food tongs Durable Stainless Steel Barbecue grill food tong Food grade stainless steel salad kitchen tong Stainless steel pasta noodles food tong Mirror light Circle head kitchen stainless steel tong 

BBQ Tools

BBQ Tools Set

Football Shape wooden handle Barbecue Set BBQ Tools Multi-functional Wooden Handle BBQ Grilling Utensils bbq grilling tool wooden handle bbq tools set 3 pcs set wooden handle bbq utensils Mini bbq tool set with nylon carry bag Non- stick wooden handle BBQ tools PP soft handle Barbecue BBQ Tools set Factory price stainless steel bbq grilling tool set mini barbecue bbq tools set TPR soft handle barbecue bbq grilling tool set Soft handle barbecue bbq grilling tool set BBQTool Set knife tongs fork DAD bbq grilling tools set DAD bbq tools set with thermometer fork Multi functional stainless steel barbecue tools nylon apron bag wooden handle bbq tool set wooden handle bbq tool set wooden handle barbecue grilling tool bbq tool set stainless steel barbecue bbq grilling tool set Mini bbq spatula tongs fork knife 

BBQ Accessory

America football Barbecue turners BBQ spatula Extendable bbq skewer telescopic bbq fork Barbecue carbon tongs grilling tongs Guitar BBQ fish turners spatula folding pizza spatula turner pancake spatula folding pizza spatula pizza turner 

Vegetable Fruit Tools

Cheese Grater

manual stainless steel vegetable and cheese box grater Bamboo Handle Multifunctional Vegetable Grater Slicer Metal Grips 6 In 1 Kitchen Grater kitchen stainless steel ginger grater for vegetables Stainless Steel Manual Vegetable Shredder And Slicer 6 In 1 professional stainless steel manual grater Multifunctional Square Vegetable Cheese Grater multi functional grater vegetable grater with plastic handle 3 In 1 Stainless Steel Vegetable Grater premium stainless steel grater with bowl stainless steel food plastic grater with storage Kitchen Vegetable Stainless Steel Box Grater with Container 6 Sided multifunctional manual cheese stainless steel grater Premium Box Grater for Kitchen Food Vegetable Cheese Multipurpose Stainless Steel Kitchen Vegetable Zester Grater Mini Multi Vegetable Cheese Slicer Grater For Promotion plastic industrial stainless steel cheese lemon grater spiral vegetable slicer stainless steel spiralizer rotary spiral vegetable spiralizer with grater slicer stainless steel cheese graters for vegetable graters set 

Fruit Slicer

stainless steel fruit cutter melon watermelon slicer Manual fruit chopper multipurpose onion vegetable chopper potato cutting tool stainless steel crinkle cutter 

Fruit Peeler

3 in 1 multipurpose potato vegetable fruit peeler industrial vegetable fruit peeler spiral potato slicer Kitchen Mini Plastic Multi Functional Potato Cassava Peeler kitchen plastic tomato peeler with stainless steel blade vegetable cassava peelers rotary tomato slicer Plastic Scratch-Proof Vegetable Melon Pumpkin Vegetable Wholesales Light Comfort Grips Fruit Orange Peeler Kitchen Vegetable Peeler Fruit Orange Potato Peeler Fancy Plastic Handle Ergonomic Vegetable Peeler stainless steel multifunctional manual orange avocado peeler Stainless Steel Colorful Eggplant Fruit Vegetable Peeler 5 in 1 stainless steel fruit julienne peeler Comfort Grips Stainless Steel Carrot Potato Peeler Plastic Two Blade Manual Multipurpose Potato Peeler rotary industrial lemon peeler spiralizer with non-slip mat commercial stainless steel apple cutter lemon peeler multifunctional slicer for vegetable fruit avocado pawpaw papaya pawpaw peeler for kitchen vegetable fruit cutting 2 in 1 vegetable peeler julienne slicer plastic multipurpose vegetable fruit citrus ceramic peeler 

Lemon Press & Squeezer

Manual lemon squeezer lime juicer citrus press plastic manual lemon lime squeezer with ginger grater Amazon best aluminum alloy hand lemon lime squeezers Aluminum alloy citrus lime juicer manual lemon press manual lemon squeezer aluminum alloy citrus lime press Plastic orange juicer squeezer for Lemons limes plastic lemon lime squeezer manual citrus press juicer Plastic Orange Lemon Press Cup Hand Masher Slap-up juicer orange Lemon press High light beautiful Zinc Alloy Press Lemon Masher 

Garlic Press

Amazon hot selling plastic garlic press stainless steel stainless steel silicone garlic press and peeler premium zinc alloy industrial crusher masher garlic press stainless steel garlic press garlic crusher ginger mincer Stainless steel silicone splatter screen with non-slip grip 

Scissor and Knives

Kitchen Scissors

multipurpose stainless steel kitchen scissors chef's scissors stainless steel kitchen shears Stainless Steel Vegetable Cutting Scissors for Kitchen stainless steel chicken cutting type of kitchen scissors best multifunctional stainless steel chef kitchen scissors vegetable 5 blades stainless steel herb scissors professional stainless steel kitchen scissors for vegetable stainless steel kitchen seafood scissors for shrimp fish 

Daily Household Scissors

stainless steel sewing tailor scissors for fabric cutting plastic sewing tailor scissors with safety cover stainless steel fabric and crafts paper scissors stainless steel stationery office school scissors stainless steel school scissors plastic safe office scissors 

Kitchen Utensils

Stainless steel utensils set

heat resistant premium stainless steel kitchen utensil set best stainless steel kitchen cooking accessories utensils cooking stainless steel classic kitchen gadgets with stand Kitchen gadgets set stainless steel cooking dining utensils classical cooking kitchen utensils stainless steel cookware set stainless steel kitchen utensil set food standard stainless steel kitchen utensils with holder 8 piece full stainless steel cooking utensil set stainless steel utensils plastic handle kitchen gadgets kitchen utensils stainless steel cooking tool set utensils copper coated stainless steel kitchen gadget set 

Nylon utensils set

Walmart hot 6pcs nylon kitchen cooking utensils set 6 Piece durable nylon kitchen cooking utensils set nylon nonstick heat resistant kitchen utensil set 6 piece cooking utensil set with food tongs heat-resistant plastic kitchen accessories wooden utensils Kitchen cheap nylon cooking utensils with holder 6 Piece wholesale nylon kitchen set cooking tools Best heat resistant utensils kitchen cooking tool set 6 Piece household cooking nylon premium kitchen utensils 5 piece non-slip handle Nylon cooking utensils accessories plastic colorful kitchen cooking utensil tool set nylon cooking utensils nonstick kitchen utensil set durable plastic cooking utensil set for household kitchen stainless steel kitchen utensil set with stand 4 Pieces cooking tools nylon kitchen utensils nylon cooking utensils 6 piece kitchen tool sets best premium nylon kitchen utensils cooking tool set nylon cooking kitchen utensil set with natural wood Premium Stainless Steel Durable Nonstick Kitchen Utensils nonstick cooking utensil nylon kitchen tool set 

Silicone utensils set

10 piece stainless steel silicone kitchen utensils sets Kitchen accessories silicone cooking set kitchen utensils stainless steel kitchen tools silicone utensil set bamboo tools silicone kitchen utensils with wooden handle 8 piece silicone set wooden kitchen utensil set silicone stainless steel utensils cooking tool set Cooking tools stainless steel silicone kitchen utensils Stainless Steel Heat Resistant Silicone Utensils Sets kitchen tools silicone cooking utensil with wood handle stainless steel silicone flexible cooking turner spatula set kitchen stainless steel silicone cooking spatula for baking Amazon best silicone multi color baking utensil set New arrival silicone cooking utensils with plastic handle premium silicone utensil set with stainless steel holder 

Kitchen Accessory

Extended handle adjustable food steamer Flexible handle stainless steel vegetable steamer Extended flexible handle stainless steel food steamer Full stainless steel folded food steamer grid silicone service spoon rice spoon and paddle slotted spoon kitchen scoop strainer colander collapsible colanders kitchen folding strainer colander kitchen stainless steel mini egg coffee whisk 

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