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New high level process: Oxidizing Blackening technology


As people's living standard is getting better and better, the quality requirements of daily household goods also come higher and higher. What they wonder is the better quality, beautiful shape or appearance. So there are some new technologies and processes came with the products, like Precision casting process, Die casting process, Etching process, Draping process and so on.

Today we want to introduce a new technology, it is Oxidizing Blackening technology. We put the stainless steel in the concentrated solution of NaOH and NaNO2 with 135°C - 155°C, then a very thin blue-black oxide film (0.5-1.5 micron) is formed on the surface of the parts in a certain temperature range. The process is called Blackening(Blueing) process. The oxide film has compact structure, can be firmly combined with metal surface, and beautiful color, greater elasticity and lubricity, can prevent metal corrosion. It is an Oxidation reaction, but not like painting and Non-stick process, it is forming the protective film directly on the surface. So the scratch resistance of Oxidizing Blackening technology is better than the painting and Non-stick process, it would be more difficult to fall off.

It is innocuous and tasteless, with a uniform good looking surface and slippery touching feeling. It is widely used in kitchenware, BBQ Tools and Multi tools.

Blackening technology

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