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New arrival baking using silicone gloves


Today our product line of BBQ&Baking has arrived a new style of gloves. It is Stylish and beautiful design.

Silicone gloves

The specification is as following:

Product name: Silicone heat-resistance glove

Size: 30 x 18.5 x 1.4 cm

Weight: 168 g

Materials: Silicone + Cotton

Pattern&Logo: Customized

Silicone glove

This silicone glove is made from a a layer of transparent silicone surface and colorful inside cotton, the the pattern and logo of the cotton could be customized by ourselves. It also shows that this glove is two layers design, so it is thicker with a better heat-resistance, it is not heavy, suit for everyone using in Kitchen and Backing&BBQ works.

transparent silcone glove

People would love this safe and pretty Kitchen Accessory glove.

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